11 November 2010

The London Underground Film Festival - 4th - 10th December

With an enticing and eclectic programme featuring provocative screenings, performances and talks from established and up and coming artists the London Underground Film Festival is all set to shock and awe.

Running from the 4th to the 10th December, the Festival offers lovers of the obscure and strange the rare chance to see genre-less and genre-defying film take centre stage. Taking in darkly humorous shorts, inspiring geographical documentaries and avant-garde expressionism there is a truly mind - searing range of cinematic styles on show.

The programme is highlighted and contextualised by live acts, exhibitions and discussions including the surreal experimentation of Arthur Lager, the rebellious spirit and political activism of Dario Vigorito’s work in music video and the Greenaway Oration given by Dr. Patricia MacCormack on Necrosexualty.

With a whole week of events scheduled in the eccentric environs of London’s Horse Hospital the Festival has the time and the freedom to do things in its own mercurial

As James Lowry, director of the London Underground Film Festival explains:
“I wanted to put together a large programme that would allow room for exploring various aspects of underground film. I try to understand things in their historical contexts, and I wanted to be able to explore the development of a genre, the work of an auteur and bring in film theory too. It seems like the many London film festivals happening at the moment are either too mainstream or too niche to allow for that kind of exploration. I think I just wanted to put together a film festival I'd want to go

So, cinephiles looking for something a little different you know where to go...

The London Underground Film Festival runs from the 4th – 10th December at the Horse
Hospital, Bloomsbury, London and tickets and the full programme can be found at: