16 December 2008

Ano Una (Year of the Nail)

I neglected to post this when I saw it - it was released at the end of Nov, but it is a great film and worth getting on DVD.

Jonas Cuaron's (son of Children of Men helmer Alfonso) debut is a stunning piece of work. A true labour of love, over the course of a year Cuaron took thousands of photographs of his surroundings, eventually constructing a plot from recurring themes. 

The charming and sharply written script concerns Diego, a randy fourteen year old Mexican boy and his lustful but naive relationship with Molly (Cuaron's girlfriend and co-producer Erieann Harper), an older American  student. The still photography works brilliantly with each actor successfully bringing the image to life with their voiceovers.

The film is a remarkably intimate slice of life about growing up, falling in love and chasing dreams. As cheesy as this might sound, the film emerges as a real surprise. It is one of the most original and uplifting films of the year and deserves a wider audience than it'll probably get. A brave art-house film with a big heart, it is sweetly funny and a great success all round. Well worth seeking out.